The Great Joy of Being Simple

The Great Joy of Being Simple

It's not always about AMBITION. There are pretty many souls in the world who derive their attainment by doing mundane things. Chirag, at age 47 is ambitious to do his everyday job so meticulously. He is a MAN. Man of simplicity, punctuality and perseverance. No large expressions any day to give out what he has to. He serves as the first point of connect when anyone and everyone visits our factory at Ahmedabad. Merely 3 months in his workplace, he has become a vital element of chain of actions which we carry out day in day out.

I have lately become a fan of this new understood phenomenon; when people don't feel that a particular work/function even exists or is happening, that's where the actual work is happening. And happening so efficiently that the person/process itself seems almost doing nothing or not needed.  As business owner, We wonder does that person even do anything or are we wasting time, money and other resources. But some people put so much of life of theirs in the work that to others it seems  effortless.
These people are seldom recognised, very rarely they want or ask for attention. They are good at serving. They have this undying spirit of being useful to the PURPOSE. If you see from this perspective, the simplest elements in life always remain perpetual. They keep happening. Life keeps getting nurtured. These elements don't cause any adversity, they just supplement.

Some of needs are always best catered through simple elements. May it be need of attire, we find simple clothes soothing our days more than any fancy one. A simple blouse and skirt is always far better suit than any fashion parade dress; a shirt and pant is much better on body serving it's ultimate need to make you comfortable than any suit.
On your plate a simple khichadi is much more satisfying than any gourmet food; a simple bread butter is anyday go to when you are starving. In the world's of all kind of flavours and textures, simple salt is irreplaceable to any and every joy of savouring.  We call it classic taste. Just like our classic salted peanuts. We are peanut people and our classic salted one is one which is marathon runner of all our front runners of offerings.

We bet you will never notice it how many did you have in a year. Yet you will never get over it and never stay away of it. Just like Chirag Bhai.

Dedicated to all chirag bhais in your life.

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