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Salted Cashew

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About Us

Rewynd is a thought process to bring all the people to that 'good old' healthy snacking lifestyle with adding a little twist.


Our cashews are an excellent snack for anytime of the day. Since it is roasted and not fried, it's as healthy as it's tasty. Have a handful of our flavored cashew and you will come back wanting more.

Salted Cashew

😋 Nut Adventure: Dive into the Richness of Cashew Goodness! 😋

Good For Type 2 Diabetics

Roasted Not Fried

On-the-go healthy snack

Safe for your heart

Filled with Protien & Fibre

🥗 Nutrition & Benefits 🥗

Total Nutrition

✅ Nutrient-Rich Energy: 169 kcal (707 KJ) per serving to fuel your day.
✅ Heart-Healthy Fats: 13g total fat, 1g saturated fat, and 0g cholesterol.
✅ Fiber Boost: Packed with 1g of dietary fiber for digestion.
✅ Low Sodium Option: Contains only 13mg of sodium per serving.
✅ Balanced Carbohydrates: 8g total carbs and 1g sugar for sustained energy.
✅ Plant-Based Protein: Provides 4g of protein for muscle maintenance.
✅ Essential Minerals: Offers potassium (141mg), calcium (37mg), and iron (5.4mg).
✅ Vegan-Friendly: Suitable for plant-based dietary preferences.
✅ Nutritional Excellence: A wholesome choice to support a balanced lifestyle.


💪 Sweet Victory: Taming Type 2 Diabetes with Cashew Power!
❤️ Heart's Best Friend: Unlocking Heart Health with Cashew Charm!
🌱 Fiber Force: Fueling Fun with Fibrous Feats and Protein Prowess!
🎈 Weight Loss Adventure: Embark on a Journey of Delicious Nuts!

😇 Rewynd's Happy Faces 😇

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