Rewynd Recipes

Dark Chocolate Peanut Bars

PREPERATION TIME: 30 minCOOKING TIME: 10 minINGREDIENTS 1 Pack/Cup of Rewynd Black Pepper peanuts 200 gm dark chocolate 2 nos Silicone chocolate mould bar shaped PROCEDURE In a microwable round glass bowl put chunks or chopped dark chocolate. Place it...

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Bun Masaka Chai Chakna

PREPERATION TIME: 15 MINSCOOKING TIME: 0 MinsINGREDIENTS Bun masaka 2 nos Bun pao 1 tbsp Rewnyd Masala peanut 2 no. Cheese slice 1 tbsp Butter Cutting Masala Chai PROCEDURE Cut the bun from the centre and spread butter on both...

 Rewynd Snacks

Crazy Boondi Tamatar Vol Au Vents

PREPERATION TIME: 15 MINSCOOKING TIME: 25 MinsINGREDIENTS 8 no mini Vol au vents 30 gm Rewynd Boondi 50 gm Masala paneer small diced 150 gm Tomato blanched and deseeded diced 1 tbsp sliced black or green olives 1 tbsp olive...

 Rewynd Snacks