Navratri 2024 - Dates, History, Celebration & Snacking

Navratri 2024

Welcome, festive souls, to the most awaited festival of Navratri, a vibrant spectacle recognized globally as the longest dance festival. It’s a time of devotion, joy, and a spectrum of traditional dances. It’s the time when people of any age can’t stop themselves from indulging into the traditional Gujarati dance form Garba. 

People from across the world visit India at this time to experience the magical celebration of Navratri. What’s so special about it? How can you enjoy Navratri to the fullest? Let’s delve deeper into the essence, preparation, and sustenance required to fully enjoy the Navratri 2024!

What is Navratri?

Navratri signifies more than rhythmic movements; it represents a rich tapestry of devotion and celebrations woven together. From region to region, interpretations and styles may vary, but the essence remains consistent— a reflection of diverse cultures unified by tradition. 

The focus invariably falls on the dynamic dances like Garba and Dandiya, embodying unity and joy. Coupled with devotion of Indian goddesses, sweets, and midnight snacking (you will no why, keep reading)

Navratri 2024 Date

Navratri spans nine nights, each dedicated to a different form of Goddess Durga. It typically falls in the Hindu month of Ashwin, which corresponds to September or October.

The planetary positions determine the auspicious timings for Navratri poojas. These murals are crucial for conducting rituals and seeking the blessings of the Goddess.

This year 2024 according to hindu calendar Navratri will begin on October 3 and end on October 12.

What does Navratri mean?

Navratri is a special Hindu festival that lasts for nine nights. People in India celebrate it with a lot of happiness and devotion. The word "Navratri" means "nine nights" in Sanskrit. 

During this festival, Hindus worship the powerful goddess named Durga. People in different parts of India celebrate Navratri in their own unique ways.

Imagine it as a big, joyful party that goes on for nine nights, with lots of singing and dancing. But it's also a time for people to pray and show their love and respect to Goddess Durga. Each day of Navratri is dedicated to a different form of the goddess, so it's like celebrating her in nine different ways.

People wear colorful clothes, dance, sing, and eat delicious food. It's a time when families and friends come together to have a good time. At the end of Navratri, there's a big celebration called Dussehra, where they burn huge effigies to show that good always wins over evil.

Navratri is not just a party; it's a time when people connect with their faith and enjoy the company of their loved ones.

Garba: The Dance of Devotion

Garba, a traditional dance form, originates in the devotion to Goddess Amba. It involves circular movements symbolizing the cyclical nature of life.

How Garba is Celebrated

During Navratri, communities come together in vibrant attire to perform Garba. The rhythmic claps and graceful movements create an electrifying atmosphere of unity and devotion.

Garba encompasses various styles, from the graceful Raas to the energetic Dandiya. The accompanying music, typically in Raag-based melodies, adds a soulful dimension to the dance.

What does it take to enjoy Navratri to the fullest?

  • Energy and Good Health

Participating in Navratri demands loads of energy and vitality, comparable to athletes as it involves dancing for continuous 9 nights on the rhythm of Garba and we bet you can’t stop once you start! 

With the festivities stretching late into the night, good health and preparations becomes key to enjoy every beat and rhythm to its fullest.

  • Physical and Mental Preparation

Prior to plunging into the festivities, it’s vital to be physically and mentally tuned. Regular exercises and a proper mindset are crucial. A mix of positivity, coupled with physical readiness, promises a seamless and enjoyable experience.

  • Nutritional Diet for Navratri

At Rewynd Snacks, we understand the importance of maintaining energy levels during such intensive celebrations (and of course along your whole life). We offer a range of wholesome snacks, from flavored peanuts to crispy khakhra, ensuring your vitality stays optimum. Our products are designed to offer convenience and nutritional benefits, enabling you to relish every moment of Navratri.

  • Balanced Nutrition and Hydration

Maintaining balanced nutrition and hydration is paramount during Navratri. Opting for balanced meals and sufficient fluids ensures sustained energy levels and endurance. Mindful eating and moderation are the keys to enjoying the festivities without any repercussions.

  • Appropriate Attire and Safety

Choosing the right attire is as important as choosing the right snack. Comfortable and appropriate clothing ensures you can enjoy dancing without any inconveniences. Safety, too, should be a priority, so picking the right footwear is essential to avoid any mishaps.

Significance of Navratri

Navratri symbolizes the victory of good over evil and is a period of spiritual awakening. It is a time to seek blessings from Goddess Durga and rejuvenate one's inner strength.

Beyond its roots in India, Navratri is celebrated with great enthusiasm in various parts of the world. The festive spirit transcends borders, uniting people's reverence for the divine.

A celebration of Navratri

Navratri is not merely a festival; it’s a symphony of traditional music, rhythmic dances, and vivid colors. It’s about immersing oneself in the celebratory spirit, enjoying every moment while maintaining one’s well-being.

We invite you to incorporate Rewynd Snacks into your Navratri celebrations as your healthy snacking partner. Explore our extensive range and share your Navratri experiences and memories with us. Let’s make this Navratri memorable with balanced enjoyment and responsible celebrations!

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Anticipating the arrival of Navratri, let’s prepare ourselves to dive into the cultural richness, striking the perfect balance between enjoyment and responsibility, tradition and modernity, food, and dance. Here’s to a delightful and safe Navratri, filled with energy, joy, and dancing!

Happy Navratri 2024!

Happy Navratri 2024! May this festival bring joy, energy, and prosperity into your life. Celebrate with Rewynd Snacks and let every Garba night be filled with unforgettable moments!


Q1: What are some traditional Navratri dishes I can try at home?

A1: Some classic Navratri dishes include Sabudana Khichdi, Kuttu ka Dosa, and Singhare ke Pakore. These are not only delicious but also suitable for fasting.

Q2: Can non-Hindus participate in Navratri celebrations?

A2: Absolutely! Navratri is a celebration of culture, music, and community. People from all walks of life are welcome to join the festivities and experience the joy it brings.

Q3: How can I perform a simple Navratri pooja at home?

A3: A basic Navratri pooja involves lighting a lamp, offering flowers and fruits, and reciting prayers. You can also play devotional music to enhance the ambience.

Q4: Are there specific colours to wear on each day of Navratri?

A4: Yes, each day of Navratri is associated with a different colour. For example, red on the first day, yellow on the second, green on the third, and so on.

Q5: What is the significance of the Garba dance?

A5: Garba is a dance form dedicated to Goddess Amba. It symbolizes the cyclical nature of life and is performed during Navratri to express devotion and unity.

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