Health Benefits of Chikki: The Traditional Indian Snack You Can't Resist

Benefits of chikki

If you keep looking for a healthy and tasty energy snack that's both traditional and trendy, then you must fall in love with Chikki, a sweet delight you'll find yourself reaching for again and again to address your sweet and snack cravings. With Rewynd Snacks, it's time to #Rewyndify your snacking habits with this fantastic sweet snack and discover its numerous health benefits.


Before diving into the health benefits of Chikki, let’s briefly understand what Chikki is.

What is Chikki?

peanut chikki

Chikki is a traditional Indian snack, a type of soft and crisp snack majorly made from a combination of peanuts and jaggery or Sesame and jaggery (On Rewynd store you can find more that this twisted to match your taste). Think of it as India's crunchy answer to an energy bar.

Health Benefits of Chikki

1. Power-packed with Energy:

Chikki is an energy snack that's been a chief member in Indian households for centuries. The blend of proteins from the nuts and carbohydrates from the jaggery provides an instant energy boost, perfect for keeping mid-day slumps at bay.

2. Packed with Nutrients:

Chikki isn't just an ordinary Indian sweet. It's a powerhouse of vital vitamins and minerals. Peanuts, the primary ingredient in most Chikkis, are high in protein, healthy fats, and fibre. Plus, they offer vitamins and minerals like Vitamin E, B3, B6, folate, magnesium, and more.

3. An Excellent Antioxidant Source:

The jaggery used in Chikki is a rich source of antioxidants, helping your body fight against harmful free radicals. This traditional sweetener also aids digestion, and when combined with peanuts, you've got a winner that keeps you healthy while you snack.

4. A Perfect Winter Companion:

In India, Chikki is traditionally consumed during winter months. The warmth from the jaggery and the energy from the peanuts make it a go-to snack that warms you from the inside out. No need to sacrifice taste for health when it's chilly outside.


Ingredients in Peanut Chikki:



    Roasted peanuts are the main ingredient in peanut chikki. Peanuts are a good source of protein, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals.



      Jaggery is used as the sweetener in peanut chikki. It's a natural sweetener made from sugarcane juice or palm sap and contains minerals like iron and calcium.


      Ghee (clarified butter): 

      Some recipes for peanut chikki include a small amount of ghee to bind the ingredients together and enhance flavour.


      Cardamom or other flavourings: 

      To add extra flavour, cardamom powder or other spices may be added.


      Nutrition in Peanut Chikki: 


      The exact nutritional content of peanut chikki can vary based on the specific recipe and proportions of ingredients used. 

      However, here is a general idea of the nutrition you can expect in a typical serving (around 20-30 grams):



      Approximately 100-150 calories per serving, depending on the size and thickness of the chikki.



        Primarily from jaggery, peanut chikki is a source of carbohydrates, providing energy.



          Peanuts are a good source of plant-based protein, contributing to the protein content of chikki.



          Peanuts contain healthy fats, including monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which are beneficial for heart health.



          While peanut chikki contains some dietary fibre from peanuts, it's not a significant source.


          Nutrition Facts for Peanut Chikki (Per 20-30 grams serving):

          Note: These values are approximate and differs in each individual




          100-150 calories

          Total Fat

          6-8 grams

          - Saturated Fat

          1-2 grams

          - Trans Fat

          0 grams


          0 milligrams


          0 milligrams

          Total Carbohydrates

          10-15 grams

          - Dietary Fiber

          1-2 grams

          - Sugars

          7-10 grams


          2-4 grams

          Vitamin D

          0 IU


          10-20 milligrams


          0.3-0.5 milligrams


          60-80 milligrams


          * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.


          How to Include Chikki in Your Daily Diet

          Integrating Chikki into your everyday diet is simple, given its versatility and the range of flavours it offers. This energy-packed, nutritional snack can be your go-to solution for a variety of snacking needs, proving that healthy eating need not be a chore. Here's how you can enjoy Chikki daily, without upsetting your balanced diet:


          1. Post-Workout Snack:

          After a tough workout, your body needs a good dose of proteins and carbohydrates to replenish lost energy and repair muscles. This is where Chikki shines. With its high protein content from nuts and energy-boosting jaggery, a piece of Chikki post-workout can provide you with the necessary nutrients your body craves.

          2. Mid-Meal Munching:

          It's often those in-between meal hours when we find ourselves reaching for unhealthy snacks. Replacing those potato chips or cookies with a Chikki bar can help satiate your hunger while providing an array of nutrients.

          3. Travel Companion:

          When you're on the move, it's easy to fall into the trap of unhealthy eating. Packing a few Chikki bars for your journey ensures you have a healthy, filling snack on hand, anytime hunger strikes. Plus, they're convenient to carry and non-messy.

          4. Evening Delight:

          Evenings often bring along a craving for something sweet. Instead of reaching for a piece of cake or candy, a small piece of Chikki can fulfill your sugar cravings in a healthier way. The natural sweetness of jaggery in Chikki is better for your body than refined sugars.

          5. Experiment with Recipes:

          Chikki doesn’t need to be limited to a stand-alone snack. You can get creative in the kitchen by incorporating Chikki into other dishes. How about crushing some Chikki into your morning bowl of oatmeal or sprinkling it over your favorite frozen yoghourt? It adds a delightful crunch and a touch of tradition to your meals.

          It's essential, however, to remember the key to a balanced diet is moderation. While Chikki is packed with nutritional benefits, it's still a sweet snack. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, ensure that you're eating Chikki in controlled portions and not as a substitute for your regular meals.


          Experience Chikki with Rewynd Snacks

          Rewynd Snacks is proud to bring this age-old Indian treat to the modern snack aisle. With our high-quality ingredients and a variety of exciting flavours, we're reviving the classic chikki in a fresh, innovative way.

          At Rewynd Snacks, we believe in providing a balance between taste and health. That's why we maintain the traditional method of making Chikki while ensuring that each bite is free from any harmful additives or preservatives.


          Rewynd's chikki is your perfect companion for when those untimely hunger pangs strike or you need a quick energy boost. It's a snack you can rely on, with benefits you can count on, too.


          When you're reaching for a snack, why not choose something that's delightful, traditional, and beneficial for your health? The Chikki from Rewynd Snacks is more than just an Indian sweet—it's an energy snack that packs a nutritional punch.


          Chikki is a testament to India's rich culinary heritage, a perfect blend of health benefits and delicious taste. So, whether you're a seasoned chikki lover or new to this traditional Indian snack, it's time to rewind, enjoy the nostalgia, and reap the health benefits with Rewynd Snacks.


          Treat your taste buds to the delectable crunch of Chikki today. It's not just a snack—it's a tradition. Rewynd, relish, and rejoice!



          1. Is peanut chikki good for health?

          Peanut chikki can be a tasty and nutritious snack in moderation. Because Peanuts provide protein, healthy fats, and essential nutrients. However, it's calorie-dense, so enjoy it in small portions to maintain a balanced diet.

          2. Can we eat chikki daily?

          It's not advisable to eat chikki daily. Peanut chikki, like most sweets, is best enjoyed occasionally due to its calorie and sugar content. Eating it in moderation as an occasional treat is a better choice for your health. 

          3. Is chikki high in sugar?

          Yes, chikki typically contains sugar, often from jaggery. While it's sweet, the sugar content varies depending on the recipe. Enjoy it sparingly, especially if you're watching your sugar intake.

          4. Is Peanut Chikki a Junk food?

          Peanut chikki isn't a traditional junk food. It has nutritional benefits from peanuts, which are a good source of protein and healthy fats. However, due to its calorie density, it's best enjoyed in moderation as a treat rather than a daily snack.

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