We at Rewynd are true believer of being SELF MADE. That's where we depend on all rightful practices that we can say has OUR essence and purity.

Our origin is from a large life lived and path walked before us. Yet there is a clear understanding that their Journey had its own ways and challenges; which was both exciting and challenging for the believer and now is for the torch bearer and Creator of this Legacy; Mr. Mukesh Nathwani.

Gulab Oil And Foods, the Family of believer Mr. Gokulndas Nathwani who paved the path for Mr. Gopaldas Nathwani and Mr. Pragjibhai Nathwani to foray in this uncharted territory which became single purpose of Mr. Mukesh Nathwani to lead.

We come from the same family, we walk with Ms. Charmy Nathwani, a dreamer, a believer, unstoppable and relentless in her pursuit of building a purposeful and mindful LIFESTYLE FOOD BRAND.

We found our seed (to the purest meaning of this word itself) in PEANUT, which was always there right in front of us, while the whole family lineage was dealing with it and working around it. Yet wasn’t having enough reach to IT.

All we could do was make it SIMPLE and ACCESSIBLE. If you are here and reading this ‘Till” here, we think we are there at first step to reach out to you and let you be intrigued enough to find about us.

We will not want you to be bored. We have no LARGE and LONG history YET, that we can share with a timeline. We are YOUNG in our journey and have too much to do to serve all and everyone like “you”. WE Strive to do that every day.

Come Join us in our Journey; by loving us, by talking about us and believing in us.

You can make a difference in our journey.

While you be our present , together we can create history.